Robert Johnson's Tombstone
Dirty Dream
A Million Faces
Don't Wanna Talk About Love
The Devil Made Me Do It
Last Man Standing
In My Darkest Hour
Andy Warhol Said
What A Beautiful Day
It's All About You
Stubborn Kinda Love
Bonus Tracks:

Fade Into The Sun (Live) (Japan Only)
I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll (Live) (Japan Only)
I'm In Heaven (Japan Only)
The Girl Is Alright (Japan Only)

Released : 2006
U.K. Chart Position : 56


Track By Track - by Luke Morley

Robert Johnson's Tombstone
This song doesn’t have a verse, a bridge or even a chorus but it’s one of the best and most exciting things we’ve ever done. It’s all about the mythology surrounding the legendary and influential bluesman. I knew a bit about him as a big influence on Eric Clapton but it wasn’t until I was driving back from the West Country one evening listening to a programme about the Blues on Radio 2 that I heard about the legend and the myth. Nobody actually knows exactly how and why he died so young or where he’s buried but everybody agrees it had something to do with drinking and womanizing. His ability as a guitar player caused many of his contemporaries to claim he’d sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his extraordinary technique. Either way all the ingredients in his story, true or false make it a great story to tell and embellish

Dirty Dream
We’ve all done it at some point or other, had an inexplicable improper dream about a person we know but had never really considered in that way. Normally you would deal with it by not mentioning it to anyone, pretending it never happened and getting on with your life. The poor fool in this song however, becomes obsessed with the object of his forbidden desire. Hopefully there’ll be a lot of dirty dancing going on to this one!

A Million Faces
An epic Thunder ballad in musical terms. Lyrically however, as opposed to it being in the first person, this song is written from the point of view of somebody trying to comfort a friend whose relationship has gone terminally wrong. The general theme is ‘there’s plenty more fish in the sea’ and one of them somewhere will be right for you.

Don’t Wanna Talk About Love
Could be about the victim of the previous song. This is about someone who is so traumatised by their last relationship that they can’t and won’t talk about it. The chorus is like Janov’s primal scream (not the band!) therapy only more musical hopefully.

The Devil Made Me Do It
This was the first song I wrote for the album and it’s straight ahead, ‘sing-along, jump up and down to’ type anthem in a true Thunder stylee. It’s all about a subject very close to my heart; temptation. The subject here has no problem succumbing to everything and then simply blames every single act or deed on the influence of the Devil. I wish I could have got out of some of my past misdemeanours that easily…..

Last Man Standing
This is Chris’ first Thunder co-write. He came up with a terrific riff and title that inspired the whole thing. Regardless of what you think about Bush, Blair, Saddam Hussein and the war in Iraq, there is one absolute truth in and amongst the spin and deceit that we have been fed; lots of innocent people have died and more will die. As the man/woman in the street, we can only process the information available to us and, as turned out to be the case with Weapons of Mass Destruction, that information is often tainted. You can’t justify going to war on poor intelligence and hearsay. I’m not usually an advocate of politics in rock’n’roll but when it’s on the news everyday we can’t just look the other way and pretend it’s not happening. I hope the tune is as epic as the subject it addresses.

My Darkest Hour
This song is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. It’s very simple musically in that it consists only of one acoustic guitar, cello and voice. It’s a melancholy song about regret and not being able to change mistakes made in the past. Quick, pass the Kleenex.

Andy Warhol Said
You would have to have been living under the sea or on another planet to have not noticed the explosion in ‘celebrity’ media over recent years. I know we’ve always had a fascination with the supposedly opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous but it’s now got so out of control that the press are having to invent new ‘celebs’ on a daily basis to satisfy a demand that they themselves created. This means literally anybody can claim the dubious mantle of celebrity, even Jade Goody! This song ponders the possibility that Andy Warhol’s prediction ‘everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes’ has come true.

What A Beautiful Day
Being the old romantic that I am I’ve always wondered about the possibility of falling in love at first sight. It’s never happened to me but I like to think it does for some people. The guy in this song is so overwhelmed by a woman he sees in the street that despite the diabolically bad weather, he perceives it to be a ‘beautiful day’. An uplifting, up-tempo rock tune.

It’s All About You
It’s not a nice place to be when you’re with somebody whose interest is visibly waning, especially when they deny it. It’s the height of selfishness to prolong something when you’ve lost interest even though a part of you thinks you’re sparing the other person’s feelings. If it’s over admit it and move on, damn it!

Stubborn Kinda Love
I’m sure a lot of people will have experienced a love/hate type relationship at some point. This kind of relationship can be very tiring and a lot of hard work but at the same time very passionate and exciting. I suspect it’s the latter that makes it last although a sudden implosion is always a possibility.

I’m In Heaven
When a relationship falls to pieces and you don’t want it to there are supposedly four stages of acceptance; disbelief, misery, hate and finally, acceptance. This song is written from the point of view of someone whose state of mind is probably somewhere between stages three and four; still slightly vengeful but realising the plus points of being footloose and fancy free again.

The Girl Is Alright
This was inspired by KT Tunstall. I saw her play a brief solo show in Rough Trade Records (a tiny shop in Covent Garden) a year or so before she became hugely successful. Fortunately my good friend Mo Hepple had just started to tour manage KT and he invited me along. The shop probably had 25 – 30 people inside, most of them hanging off the spiral staircase that leads down to the basement where the poor girl was crammed into a corner with just about enough room to strap on a guitar. I’d heard a bit of music industry hype about KT and I have to admit to being a little cynical but she more than surpassed my expectations. A great voice (much better live than on the album which I don’t think does her vocals justice), great songs and she also played great rhythm guitar. It’s good to see people with genuine talent breaking through now and again.

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