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Friends Of Thunder

50ft Woman - Those of you that remember the old Thunder Channel fan club will undoubtedly remember "Matron" aka Lynne Malkin. 50ft Woman is Lynne's current music project!

Bad Influence - Bad Influence features Harry James.

Russ Ballard - Russ' Book Of Love CD featured both Harry and Chris.

Cregan & Co - Features original members of the Rod Stewart band, with Harry James on drums!

DM Guitars - The United Kingdoms No. 1 For Custom made Guitars, Repairs and Paintwork. They built Chris' latest bass, so they must be good!

Fender Clothing - The Fender name has recently lent itself to a very cool line of footwear and other clothing type products and very tasty they are too!

Gibson Europe - The official site for the legendary Gibson musical instruments. Both Luke and Ben have used Gibson guitars for many, many years and continue to do so....

Hawk Kawasaki - The official site for the superbike team.

Dean Howard - Thunder's Danny Bowes provides lead vocals on a track from the Dean Howard Project album, Volume 1.

Harry James Website - The official home of everyone's favourite bald drummer.

Toby Jepson - Former Little Angels vocalist, now solo, has supported Thunder on several occasions over the years.

Magnum - The official Magnum website. Features Thunder's Harry James on drums.

Marshall Amps - The only way to look cool, and sound even better! Thunder officially endorse Marshall Amps!!

The Quireboys - The official website for Spike and the lads... - Saiichi Sugiyama's album 'So Am I' was engineered by Thunder's Ben Matthews.

Sennheiser UK
- Suppliers of the microphones/in ear monitoring/guitar radio systems that Thunder use on stage.

Shadowman - Thunder's rhythm section, Harry and Chris, feature of all Shadowman releases.

Snakecharmer - Featuring Harry James and ex-Whitesnakers Micky Moody and Neil Murray.

The Thin Controller (Thinny) Official Page - Facebook Page for the Thunder webmaster. Keep up to date with Thunder site updates as well as whatever other projects Thinny is currently working on. Also find him on Twitter

Townsend Records - Get your Thunder CDs here!!

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Brian, Ben's guitar tech, plays Bass for the Tygers.

The Ultimate Eagles - Eagles tribute band featuring Chris on Bass and Tyketto's Danny Vaughn on vocals.

Uncommon Sound - A book about lefty guitars and left-handed guitar players, written by John Engel. Luke assisted the author with his research during the writing process.

The Union - Luke Morley and Peter Shoulder's current project.

Paul Young - Thunder's Chris Childs played bass in Paul's band.


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